CSS, HTML & XML Test and Repair Tool.

Tart 0.8.0 Released

Posted: Jan 05, 2008 in Announcements

This is the first public release of Tart, a free, standalone, CSS and markup test and repair tool. Tart is a unique web validator. It is a standalone application so validating local files with it is easy. It can validate CSS, XHTML (including embedded CSS), and Atom/RSS feeds. Finally, it has a built in editor so you can repair problems without changing applications

Known Limitations

This is a beta release and has some limitations.

  • This release is primarily aimed at Mac OS X users. Installers are not available for other platforms, however a platform independent zip file is available.
  • HTTP Authentication and proxies are not supported
  • There is no Windows menu

You can download Tart for Mac OS X, and other platforms from http://www.illumit.com/tart/download.