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Updated Mar 11, 2012

WebLight 5.0.17

Posted: Oct 06, 2010 in Announcements

WebLight release 5.0.17 is now available.


  • Mac Users - weblight.dmg
  • Windows Users - weblight.msi
  • Unix Users - weblight.tgz (requires Java 1.5 or better)

Changes Since 5.0.16

  • Worked around a problem with some web servers that caused WebLight to treat partial responses as a complete ones.
  • Simplified upgrade and purchase processes.

New in WebLight 5

  • Added XML Sitemap builder.
  • Added CSS, Sitemap, Atom and RSS validators and link checkers.
  • Made HTML testing doctype aware.
  • Redesigned interface to help you maintain sites that meet your standards faster.

    In one window you can:

    • Review all the problems found on the site
    • See problems in the full source
    • Open a resource in your browser
    • Categorize and filter messages so you don't have to sift through irrelevant messages to find real problems