Efficiently generate sitemaps and check links, markup & css, maintain error free, search engine friendly, websites.

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Updated Oct 28, 2012

WebLight = Link Checker + (HTML + CSS + Feed) Validator + Efficient

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WebLight is more than a fast link checker that can test large websites. It is a website maintainence tool that helps you efficiently maintain high quality websites.

Check Links, CSS and Markup Anywhere

Checking a website with WebLight is like:
  • Checking all links using the Link Checker
  • Validating every Stylesheet and HTML document with the W3C CSS Validator
  • Validating every HTML document with the W3C Markup Validator
  • Validating every Atom and RSS Feed Using the Feed Validator
Except WebLight can:
  • Analyze hundreds of resources per minute
  • Check sites with thousands of documents
  • Check private and local sites
  • Validate xml sitemaps

Fix Problems Easily

You can fix problems efficiently using the Diagnostics window. On it you can:
  • Review all the problems on the site
  • See the full source at a location
  • Go to the position of a problem in the source
  • Open locations in your browser
  • Categorize diagnostics

Find Real Problems

Diagnostic categories let you see the diagnostics that you want when you want. If you intentionally use non-standard code, such as WAI-ARIA attributes or browser specific CSS properties, manually filtering out some diagnostics to catch the real errors can be difficult. Diagnostic categories automatically filter diagnostics so you can find real problems easily.

You don't have to categorize every diagnostic. Categories group diagnostics by description so when you move one diagnostic to a category, all diagnostics with the same description move to the category. This lets you quickly customize WebLight to let you find real problems efficiently.